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Channel Development Consulting

Do you need a sales strategy plan that positions your products and services to be sold through a channel program but do not have the knowledge or contacts to build the channel program on your own?

151 Advisors has decades of connections and direct contacts within distribution and indirect channels. Having been in the business for decades, our channel sales consulting team has developed strong industry relationships and can open doors that others simply cannot.

We design and build focused channel sales strategy plans. We provide recommendations as to whether selling through distributors or direct to the resellers is the right model for you.


One of the critical elements in making the business decision to move forward with the most effective channel sales strategy plan is to be fully educated about the challenges of working with distributors and channel partners. Our channel development consulting team has the unique ability to evaluate your products and services and propose the best model for moving forward with the most successful option based on multiple years and hundreds of successful go-to-market projects.

We look at your pricing margins in order to decide if there is enough margin to pay through multiple tiers. In regards to sales, we review your ability to support the distributor and channel sales teams and methodology.

From a marketing perspective, we know what needs to be budgeted in order to ensure that distributor and channel partners have what is necessary for a successful launch and long term sales of your product and services.

• Marketing materials
• Promotional and sales incentive programs
• Personnel needs related to sales, customer, and technical support

Thoroughly evaluating your products and services, the 151 Advisors team may design a channel sales strategy plan that recommends against using a distributor and selling directly to the channel partners. In this case, our plan could include:

• Building a product and services fulfillment model
• Pricing strategy that promotes the channel supporting the vendors
• Sales training programs
• Marketing materials for the channel including brochures, presentations, and demo kits
• Second and third tier customer and technical support
• Sales lead generation programs

Channel partners expect warm leads and our channel development strategy plan fulfills this expectation.

We provide expertise in the development and execution of numerous retail and eTail marketing channel strategy plans. If your product is fit for “big box” or regional retail wireless stores, our team will design and execute on a program that includes:

• Financial modeling plan
• Product positioning outline
• Marketing plans for in-store promotions
• Marketing plans for in-store sales teams
• Sales incentive programs
• RMA and warranty programs
• Inventory management plans
• Brand awareness marketing programs

The most critical part of channel consulting is marketing to potential customers, finding where they are, and driving them to the storefront to buy your products and services.
Learn more about how the 151 Advisors team has brought thousands of wireless products and services to market through distribution, retail, and enterprise channel partners.

We speak their language and understand how the systems work, how the executive teams think, what their goals and objectives are, and how to generate new revenue fast.

Put our channel consulting team to work for you today and enter the market strong, fast, and profitably.