Our Expertise

Go to Market Strategy

Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, the effectiveness of your company’s go to market strategy will be transformed into an easy way to determine success or failure: revenue.

The 151 Advisors team has spent our careers developing effective go to market strategies and executing these with teams around the globe. Our experience combined with our network of industry contacts enables us to bring products to market and open doors at wireless carriers, channel and distribution partners, utility providers, software and hardware vendors, telecom operators and many more high value prospective customers and partners.



Long-term success will rely on a go to market strategy and plan that reaches customers and positions a company or product as having a competitive advantage in the market. During an engagement, our team works with clients to identify and develop several distinct advantages so our team can create a strategic blueprint for go to market success.

Some of the questions that our team explores when first engaging a client are:

What differentiates your product in the market?

A thorough understanding of a product’s competitors and differences will be vital in developing a strong value proposition for prospective customers and partners. Our market research team dives deep into the competitor products to build a strong value-add sales pitch and identify opportunities for the product roadmap. This will also reveal gaps within a product’s offerings (functionality, pricing or support) that may need to be addressed or could change the target customers.

Who are your target customers?

Identifying the low hanging fruit and securing initial customers is many times more difficult than anticipated. A lot of companies do not want to be the first customer because of the associated learning curve and risk. Our team works with our clients to develop a sales pitch with a clear ROI and an easy implementation schedule to close the first deals and create referenceable customers.

What is the optimal sales strategy?

Direct sales, distribution, channel partners and online marketplaces could all offer an attractive path to revenue, but each path comes with its own costs, hurdles, competitors and time to revenue. Having been down all of these paths, our team knows the work involved, real costs, margins and revenue potential for each option and we analyze each opportunity with our experience to guide us. Rather than trying to chase every opportunity, an optimal go to market strategy is focused on specific markets that can be used as a beachhead to enter future verticals.

What resources can be used to support the product’s go to market strategy?

Bandwidth factors (such as marketing budget, sales resources, product development team and investor support) need to be an integral factor in developing a strategy so resources don’t hinder a company’s ability to deliver and support its product. Our team works with our client’s senior management to develop a budget and forecast to optimize its financial bandwidth, cash flow and plan for future company investments.   

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