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Market Entry Strategy

For international companies seeking to enter the U.S., European or Middle East markets, there are formidable obstacles to overcome. As many companies have learned, entering new markets presents unique challenges and opportunities and a business model that found great success in one market may fail when executed in a new region.

151 Advisors has a global reputation for developing successful market entry strategies for international firms looking to enter the U.S., European or Middle East markets. Our team can help you identify the right distribution partners, provide guidance on adapting to regulatory policies, and help you craft a practical and effective market entry strategy.


Over the past seven years, 151 Advisors has helped dozens of international technology companies successfully enter new markets by acting as part of their senior management team and leading them past the many pitfalls that could hinder their success. Here are the top four ways 151 adds value to companies developing and executing a market entry strategy:

Government & Trade Agency Partners:



Market Entry Strategy & Execution

151 Advisors has the market and industry research resources to evaluate the market opportunity, competitors and growth areas to prepare a market entry strategy based on a company’s financial resources. The first phase begins with our team preparing a market and industry report that defines the market size in terms of units and dollars and identifies the competitors with a detailed competitive analysis of their products, pricing and market entry strategies.

Armed with this information, we define a market entry strategy and budget with a marketing plan focused on establishing a company’s market presence that enables us to quickly secure new customers and revenue. The 151 team will execute a tactical sales plan that includes a direct and/or channel-focused program with the client’s support.

Sales Focused Marketing Plan

Ensuring that everything from messaging to grammar will resonate with the target audience is a critical value add that 151 brings to our client’s management team. We analyze their current marketing strategy, determine which tactics will or will not work in the new market and localize the marketing plan for target prospective clients and partners. This process will run the gamut from updating all customer-facing materials (company and product presentations, website, product data sheets, user guides) and developing lead generation programs (white papers, LinkedIn advertising, SEO) to executing a branding strategy within the target audience (trade publications, trade shows, digital media). It is a comprehensive and ongoing initiative focused on generating revenue.


Product Development that Differentiates

The 151 team works closely with companies to balance engineering and marketing to minimize time to market without losing competitiveness. By identifying when a product has enough market-differentiating features to drive mind share and market share, a company can distinguish itself from legacy systems and obtain market share as the new standard. Additionally, we help determine features that need to be included in a product roadmap to stay competitive against future competitors.

Experience & Network

When you hire the 151 team, you get access to our extensive Rolodex of customers, partners, resellers, distribution and other industry professionals. These relationships enable us to rapidly accelerate your business development efforts and, at the same time, recommend ideal candidates as the company’s sales needs grow.

Additionally, the 151 team works with a vetted list of strategic accountants, attorneys, public relations firms, certification houses and others with the expertise necessary to ensure a successful launch and beyond. These third parties typically provide those services at a lower cost than if the company created internal legal and regulatory teams.