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Going Mainstream with IoT Education

How is the process of implementing and deploying IoT solutions changing as IoT technologies go mainstream? At CTIA 2016, Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisor, and Fred Yentz, CEO of Telit IoT Platforms, speak with Abe Nejad from TIA Now. With various industries and verticals wanting to implement IoT solutions, they discuss the process of doing so and the impact of IoT Education for the communications technology enterprise community.

Stever Brumer shares, what going mainstream with IoT means from a Channel perspective. Companies that have been traditionally  IT, ICT or Telecom resellers are now trying to figure out how to participate in the IoT space. Their customers of decades are asking them, what is is? And how can they use it? Many VARs are trying to figure out where the money is, and what is it that their customers want to solve by implementing IoT-enabled solutions.

Fred Yentz, explains that the Information Communications industry has been more tuned into the prevalence of IoT-enabled solutions compared to the IT space. Telecom operators have been providing data plans for some time, so they been aware  IoT Solutions and so have some of their distributors/channels. However, their awareness did not necessarily bring the enterprise integration skills that customers needed to actually realize the value. The IT community while they’re good at understanding the enterprise value delivery, to them connectivity and device management were a mystery.

There are now a lot of inquiries coming from standard businesses to their traditional IT resellers about IoT-enabled solutions. As an industry, we need to make sure that we can give the IT VARs and the typical routes to market for these solutions good, easy-to-understand tools, education, enablement and ultimately access to products. Convergence into the mainstream is forcing us to relook at different routes to market.