APP-SOLUTELY IoT: T-Mobile Internet of Things Presentation


T-Mobile Internet of Things Presentation Shelby Noakes, the director of M2M and IoT Sales at T-Mobile, came to speak about how T-Mobile has made a huge investment in the IoT space so they may become a key player. Shelby starts by speaking about T-Mobile and how they are known as the “uncarrier”, releasing people from the classic contract model like many of their competitors. He [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT Keynote Address


The Internet of Things is evolving rapidly with interoperability and industry cooperation being crucial to its business success. At APP-SOLUTELY IoT 2016 presented by 151 Advisors, during a break-out session at CTIA industry experts and companies had the chance to discuss the evolving industry, the impact that it's having on the world and the changes [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: Safran & IMETRIK Case Study Presentation


Safran & IMETRIK  Case Study Presentation IMETRIK is a turnkey Telematics Services Provider and a one-stop shop M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Solutions Provider, located in Montreal, Canada, with offices across America and Europe. They are an IoT/M2M Solutions Provider that include devices, connectivity, and APIs. Specializing in the automotive industry, they allow vehicles to communicate with computer [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: u-blox – Locate, Communicate, Accelerate Presentation


u-blox America - Locate, Communicate, Accelerate Presentation U-blox is a 20-year-old Swiss company that focuses on 3 pillars of technology; GPS, Cellular Communications, and Short Range Radio Technologies. Andreas Thiel, Co-founder and EVP of u-blox, speaks on the presence of u-blox in the marketplace and how they are dominating, due to many factors such as high [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: Hardware and Devices Panel


APP-SOLUTELY IoT Panel Highlights The Capabilities Of IoT Devices IoT Hardware and Devices Panel This APP-SOLUTELY IoT session focuses on Internet-enabled hardware, chips, modules, edge devices and other IoT products, highlighting the many capabilities of IoT devices in the market today. Brad Sherrard of u-blox said the number of devices needed and the size of the [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: Telit IoT Innovation Presentation


Telit IoT Innovation Presentation Speaker: Jeff Clemow —Director of NA Channel Sales at Telit Telit is a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement. They offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated products, platforms, and services to support and enable IoT deployments from things to apps. Their IoT connectivity plans and IoT platform services [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: Connectivity and Platforms Panel


Connectivity and Platforms Panel This session explores the many options that one has to cost-effectively deploy and manage their devices in the field, and the innovative connectivity technologies that will be coming to market in the next couple of years. Five representatives from wireless/ IoT technology companies discussed how their businesses are using connectivity and [...]