Steve Brumer to Moderate IoT Panel at TIA Network of the Future

On June 7, 2016, Steve Brumer will moderate the “Industrial Internet, IoT and Wearables” panel at this year’s TIA Network of the Future conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Leaders from across the communications ecosystem will gather at the TIA Network of the Future conference to debate and learn about critical technology facing the ICT industry. The four topics of this year’s conference are: 5G, the Internet of Things and the Network of the Future, Network Security, and Virtualization and Software Defined Networks.

Together with AT&T, QuEST Forum, USTelecom and other partners, TIA Network of the Future offers a visionary program focused on new business models for the Sharing Economy, technologies and network architectures serving the New Infrastructure, and the future services of a Hyper-Connected World. The conference is targeted towards companies in the information and communications technology, telecommunications, security, Internet of Things, network design and architecture industries. The conference is scheduled for June 6th through 8th.

The panel will kick off at 4:30 PM on Tuesday, June 7 in Landmark B on the 3rd floor. Steve Brumer will lead a discussion on the current and evolving industrial internet and wearables IoT ecosystem, which business drivers are pushing this evolution, and what infrastructure will be necessary to manage the interactivity and connectivity to come. With major global corporations like Amazon and GE investing billions of dollars into the Industrial Internet, this panel provides a timely discussion. This panel is also relevant to consumers who are becoming digitally more capable through wearables like head-mounted displays, eye-embedded optics, and haptic 3D gloves. These technological advances are also accompanied by autonomous drones, sensor-embedded environments, robots and artificial intelligence. With these advancements, the panel will discussion how the IoT ecosystem and infrastructure is changing. The panel is scheduled to conclude at 5:30 PM.

The panel is part of Track 2 on “The Internet of Things: From a Vending Machine to The Internet of Billions of Devices.” The theme of the track is how Internet of Things has changed and evolved from a vending machine in 1982 that reported its inventory and whether the contents were cold. Since then, the network effect caused the Internet of Things to grow exponentially and now it is expected that over 20 billion devices will be interconnected by the early 2020’s. This growth can be contributed to the convergence of wireless communication, embedded software and electromechanical systems, wireless sensors, home and building automation, and the growth of smart and small wireless devices. Today, the Internet of Things and the network around it benefit healthcare, financial analytics, precision farming, surveillance, and many more.

The “Industrial Internet, IoT and Wearables” panel will include four participants in addition to the moderator:

  • James Kimery – Director of Marketing, RF Communications and SDR Initiatives at National Instruments
  • Matt Kowalski – Sr. Manager of Operations, Emerging Technology Office at Zebra Technologies Corporation
  • Josh Waddell – Global Vice President, IoT Business Innovation at SAP
  • Fred Yentz – CEO of Telit IoT Platforms

If you would like to schedule a time to meet with and interview Steve Brumer during the TIA Network of the Future conference, please contact Matthew Morookian at this link.