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Listen in as Sean Kinney, Managing Editor – RCR Wireless News; Chris Hare, CEO – nTeTe; and Steve Brumer, Partner – 151 Advisors,  share CES 2016 IoT strategies with IoT Innovations host Jeff Mucci, RCR Wireless News.

Below are a few quotes and comments from today’s CES 2016 Internet of Things IoT strategies discussion:

Steve Brumer – 151 Advisors

“Insanely bigger, wider and deeper than ever before”

“Not a lot of people know how to make money in IoT”

“Virtual reality was material theme”

“Refused to go to external hotels for meetings. Focused on the exhibition center and the AT&T Developers Conference”

“Uber was a fantastic way to get around Vegas”

“AT&T has done an amazing job building smart city ecosystems and partnerships – similar to what carriers are doing in Asia

Chris Hare, nTeTe Group

“Vegas and CES can’t cope with anymore growth”

“Woke up and realized I was at a car show”

“27,000 versions of fit bits”

“Lots of people throwing IoT products against the wall to see what will stick”

“Industrial IoT appears to be leading the way in terms of viable business plans”

“Spent very little time on the convention floor”

“One SIM card and one carrier relationship are increasingly important for carriers and industrial IoT players”

Sean Kinney, RCR Wireless News

“Only 358 days until CES 2017 – mark your calendar”

“Wearables moving towards services that deliver meaningful and insight value to consumers”

“AT&T is connecting their digital home applications with their connected car “Drive” application

“Would not be surprised to see autonomous vehicle adoption being focused on fleet applications”

Other key themes include:

Distributed IoT architectures and computing activity by chip companies like Intel and Mediatek will include security at the chip level

IoT gateway product companies were touting security and encryption. Six months ago, security was behind the gateway, whereas, the trend today seems to be moving towards integrating the security into the gateway.

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