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151 Advisors is now
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Our Expertise

Channel Development Consulting

Crafting the Ideal Sales and Marketing Strategy

Determining whether to sell your products directly or to go through a distribution network is a pivotal decision in your business model, and our 151 Advisors team will help walk you through the decision points and create a channel development strategy that puts you in a position to be successful quickly. Whether you need more contacts and more information around getting started, or have already done a significant amount of homework and simply need strategic and marketing direction, our channel development consulting team meets you where you are in your product lifecycle to create channel focused strategy plans that deliver results.

Industry analysts have seen a marked increase in the effectiveness of long-term channel marketing promotions such as trips, prizes and financial incentives within a variety of different verticals. Our advisors can work with you to ensure that your product or services package stands out from your competitors, making it strategically more attractive to channel partners. With the exceptionally high launch (and failure!) rate of new ventures, ensuring that your project is fully developed before pitching to potential sales channels and partners provides a higher level of confidence in the quality of your business plan. With some estimates as high as 33,000 new products entering the global market each month, competition is fierce — making it critical to your long term success to find exactly the right partners and channels in which to introduce your offerings.

Less than 20 percent of new business ventures will be successful. Our contacts, our knowledge of a variety of industries and our channel marketing expertise can make the difference between a launch that fizzles and “the next big thing.”


Direct to Consumer or Retailer Led?

A key decision point in your go-to-market strategy is determining whether it is in your best interests to market your products directly to consumers or if there are retailers who will add significant value for the added cost structure they bring. The 151 Advisors team helps vet potential channel partners and ensure that they have the necessary outlets and knowledge to make your product launch and long-term sales successful. During the research, we may determine that the product or service makes sense as a direct to consumer product, in which case we walk you through creating a strong marketing strategy to reach your intended target audience.

Defining and Creating Resources

Our decades of experience in channel development means you’re benefiting from a team who understands what it takes to create and launch a bestselling product, from promotional and sales incentives to marketing materials and customer support. Pricing strategies, sales training programs, lead generation — these are all topics where we excel and will share our hard-earned knowledge with you as a preferred customer. It would be difficult if not impossible for one individual or a small team to create the range of information and analysis required to sell into a large retailer or eCommerce platform, such as:

  • Financial modeling plans
  • Store promotional plans
  • Sales incentives
  • Warranty and RMA programs
  • Product positioning
  • Inventory management
  • Brand awareness marketing plans
  • Channel marketing materials: brochures, sales kits, presentations and demo kits

These detailed overviews of your strategy will provide you with the leverage that you need to encourage a large channel partner to take part in your new venture, as they need to know that you’re fully committed to the marketing effort to drive customers to the store to purchase your products and services.

Market-Ready Pricing

Pricing your product may be the most delicate balance of all, and yet another opportunity to lean on our years of experience working with telecom channel partners. Your pricing margins must be significant enough to ensure you can pay through multiple tiers, while still being competitive in the marketplace. We leverage our hundreds of successful go-to-market projects — your project will be the next entry on our success list!

There are thousands of details required to get a product ready for sale from marketing budgets, to sales materials, to channel partner strategies and more. Our team works with you to thoroughly evaluate your products or services and define the channel sales strategy that will work for you. Contact our dedicated and professional consultants today at 917-521-5272 or fill out our online contact form for a quick response.