Educating the Future of IoT

Steve Brumer University Talks:
Educating the Future of IoT

My busy schedule takes me around the world, but I always enjoy opportunities to speak with students. As the future leaders and developers in the Internet of Things industry, I want to bring different perspectives to these students and help them learn about the constantly-changing world of IoT. I am always learning myself at the conferences and summits I attend year-round where I hear from leading experts who always have new technology and strategies that I can bring into my own work. In the past year I have had the honor to speak at:

Emory University’s Goizueta Business School
I joined Emory University’s Goizueta Business School to speak to the MS Business Analytics students. While some students already had an idea of what the Internet of Things is, I explained how 151 Advisors helps businesses monetize the IoT. 151 builds successful sales, marketing, and business development programs and then executes them. The talk also facilitated an open discussion with the Emory students where I could quiz them on what percentage of big data is actually being used, what they thought about Nest Thermostats, and where wireless transmissions of data began. The conversation even led to something the students use every day: chips on their credit and debit cards, and what that meant for cybersecurity. While the session mainly focused on business strategy, students also gained knowledge for their future careers, such as how to communicate with top executives. When I spoke with these students, I asked them to put themselves in the shoes of the business and asked them to think about business models, the value of their technology, and what decisions they would make.


Georgia State University
I spoke to the Computer Information Systems students at Georgia State University about IoT and how it can impact their lives every day — from the way they wash their clothes to autonomous vehicles of the future. Explaining IoT to these students means showing them the amazing opportunities with the technology, but also critical obstacles to education, security, and integration. The IoT market is growing and these students are the

generation that will truly experience the economic impact, which could grow to $11.1 trillion dollars a year by 2025. Platforms and devices are added every day to this ecosystem.

“I found this pretty interesting because people tend to start businesses without really thinking about whether it will be profitable for them in the long term. 151 Advisors weaves companies into the fabric of the tech or industry ecosystem, drives revenue and adds value to their strategic business initiatives that ultimately increases shareholder value.” – Georgia State Student

DC Wharton Innovation Summit
The Wharton DC Innovation Summit brings together alumni, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists who are all interested in innovation. At the 2017 summit’s closing keynote panel, I joined other industry experts to discuss “Megatech: Blockchain, AI, and IoT.” This event shows that even professionals never stop learning because the environment is constantly changing and to succeed, professionals must keep up to date.

Image Credit: Chris Farwell

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are new and cutting edge and can seem daunting. According to Cisco, there is a 40% + rate of failing at the “proof of concept” trial stage in IoT and that must be reduced. But when a company knows when to integrate and how to integrate these technologies, they can overcome these barriers and find success.

Image Credit: Chris Farwell

Students are the future users, developers and investors of IoT. And I believe that we need to educate these students as to how this technology works, how it can be used and how do you make money in this industry. I would like to do more of these talks at universities and colleges nationwide. If you would like me to visit a college or university near you, please contact me or Erin Covington at  or call +1 (917) 521-5272.