Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 12 | Senet

Scaling the IoT with Senet

On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down to speak with Bruce Chatterley, President and CEO at Senet. Bruce has more than 25 years of experience building successful high growth technology businesses. He most recently operated as an Independent Growth Consultant to global fiber optic telecommunications providers, based in London UK. Chatterley is also an experienced telecom leader, serving as CEO of cloud-based VOIP firms Broadvox and Speakeasy. In addition, he is a former senior executive at Ameritech and US West. Chatterley has also been an early leader in the development of the Software As A Service industry, having served as CEO of ViAir and President of eServices for Concur Technologies. Earlier in his career Chatterley also held Senior Sales and Marketing positions at GE and IBM. He earned his BSBA from Central Michigan University and his MBA from the Kogod College of Business Administration at American University. He currently serves as a Board member for London-based technology firm Snupps, Inc., Bigleaf Networks, and Clevest.

Senet was originally a tank monitoring company at its beginnings in 2009. In this venture they had to create their own network and management system to handle the solution they were offering. A few years ago Senet was able to look back and realize that they had created a great IoT network system that could do more than just tank monitoring. In 2016 Senet deployed a nationally available network and now operate the largest LoRa network in North America.

Industry Issues

Some of the biggest issues seen in the IoT industry right now pertains to expensive devices which leads to a problem of scale. The value of the IoT comes in numbers, with everything being connected and communicating amongst each other. With a high pricing structure, it is impossible to get to this ideal point which is why things have been slow in implementation. Bruce speaks on how pricing is however slowly finding its way down which is allowing for more devices to be bought and used which will eventually lead to scale lowering the price of the devices. Once this point is reached we will see the IoT in a way that it has been talked about for years.

There isn’t one type of service to rule them all. There will always be cellular or LPWAN deployments or LoRa deployments for any different type of applications which means there will be many overlapping networks. Bruce talks about how many customers may need these multiple types of networks and how providers are able to create packages to adapt to these different needs. Listen to this episode of the podcast to find out how these solutions work and how once these networks are there, they are available to those who end up needing them.

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