Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 17 | Procon Analytics

Strategic Relationships with Procon Analytics

On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discusses how important relationships and partnerships are within the Internet of Things Industry with Chief Data Officer of Procon Analytics, Daniel Walpole. Since coming to the United States, Daniel ran business units and sales organizations for major cellular networks like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. Over the last 15 years, Daniel has worked with Verizon Wireless; and for the last 6 or so of those 15, he was in charge of developing the Verizon partner program.

Secret to Success

The Internet of Things is an ever expanding steam train of good ideas that will either plow through, or slow down just enough for you to hop on. The most crucial thing for success within the IoT, besides creating something truly innovative, is creating solid partnerships and relationships with those in the space. Through Daniel’s work experience he found himself in a shark tank type of position where many young entrepreneurs were putting forth their IoT ideas and looking for people to partner with to move along in the industry. Finding those correct people who see a similar vision to you is what makes this all work. Humility and transparency go a long way when partnering to produce results for the industry. It’s important not to cast anyone to the side, but also to follow the money.

Finding Opportunity

Right now the IoT is all about selling this idea of somewhat intangible results that will make our world and our lives better. It can be a difficult sale but finding the right platforms and devices that will pave the way is important in building these relationships. The most important thing however is who has interest in these products and who will end up buying them. Daniel touches on his past experience, which many others have assuredly experienced as well, in cold calling. You learn in cold calling sales to fight for that hard yes and soft no. When creating these relationships and products within the IoT to push the industry forward, you don’t want something that will end up being a hard sale. The IoT is all about making things easier and having to force a yes out of someone means that the path you are taking is unsustainable. This is why humility and transparency is so important to finding opportunities. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. If you and the people around you do not believe in your product pushing the IoT forward and don’t have strong relationships in place, then the path ahead is a very difficult and unsustainable one.

Strong B2B partnerships and the desire for connectivity will carry this industry forward. While the population may be growing, with the support of IoT, the world is getting smaller every day and it is an exciting time to be in the middle of it. Stay tuned for our next episode of the Real World IoT podcast. If you’d like to learn more about how 151 Advisors’ IoT consultants can help you adopt your own IoT strategy, please contact us today.