Real World IoT Podcast | Ep. 21 | Mobelisk

Enterprise Mobility with Mobelisk

On this week’s episode of the Real World IoT Podcast, host Ken Briodagh discusses how off-the-shelf IoT devices can be just as beneficial to a company as a custom tailored solution with Founder and CEO of Mobelisk, Dennis Hamann. Mobelisk produces durable and modular mobile workforce solutions that can be custom tailored to support a wide range of enterprise needs. Mobelisk brings mobility to the enterprise with its cloud-connected and IoT-enabled hardware and software platforms that leverage the size, affordability, and accessibility of consumer tablet and smartphone offerings, along with a software platform and SDK that facilitates easy integration of unique functionality into highly functional, durable vertical industry applications.

Off-the-Shelf Dilemma

Off-the-shelf platforms in the IoT are a kind of double edged sword. Creating something that is usable for many unique situations and can be implemented right away is extremely helpful, but at the same time no situation is the same. At the beginning, some of these products are beneficial, but as things change, most of these kinds of OTS products seem to fall off the map. In the case of Mobelisk, there is a revolutionary side to the items they are producing. Their products are modular and provide customization which allows for them to fit many use cases and situations, so they are able to meld easy with current operations.

Dennis explains how commercial off-the-shelf devices provide benefit in the following ways: It allows an advantageous price point, it allows many business model alternatives, and its great for employer attention. As an example, their newest line of products are the MaxWorkFlow Modules. These devices fit flush with an OtterBox universe case and incorporate sensors and scanners that help collect information onto your already existing Android or iPhone device. This provides extreme ease-of-use with a system people are already used to interacting with on a daily basis, as well as the ability to be programmed to fit the needs of each individually unique situation.

Trend Shift

One of the major things that is changing is where people see the biggest benefit to new technology in the space. It used to be that focus was on fleet tracking and managing how people or equipment get around, whereas now it is focused more on what is happening when those people or pieces of equipment get to those sites. This new trend is where we see products, like the MaxWorkFlow Modules, really start to take shape in the space and pave the path for devices that will continue to benefit companies in many facets long after purchase.

Strong B2B partnerships and the desire for connectivity will carry this industry forward. While the population may be growing, with the support of IoT, the world is getting smaller every day and it is an exciting time to be in the middle of it. Stay tuned for our next episode of the Real World IoT podcast. If you’d like to learn more about how 151 Advisors’ IoT consultants can help you adopt your own IoT strategy, please contact us today.