151 Advisors is now 
a Momenta Partners 

151 Advisors is now
a Momenta Partners

Exacaster Case Study2017-08-08T14:53:15-04:00

The Client

Exacaster is a big data predictive analytics technology company developing advanced machine-learning algorithms and tools that address and automate key customer management decisions in Telecom and Retail.

The Exacaster Platform, the company’s flagship product, helps telecom and retail marketers visualize data, predict customer behavior, execute model-driven or event-triggered multi-channel campaigns and measure their impact.

Exacaster’s client base was solely concentrated in Europe and needed to expand its geographical footprint to meet the company’s revenue goals.

The Challenge

Without any North American clients, Exacaster turned to 151 Advisors to develop and execute a go-to-market strategy to drive brand awareness and client development within the Tier 2 wireless carrier market. A sales and marketing strategy needed to answer the anticipated questions of wireless carrier targets:

  • Why work with a platform company based in Lithuania vs. a U.S. based Company?
  • What is the value of the data that wireless carriers are collecting?
  • What is the ROI for investing in the Exacaster platform?

Engagement & Execution

  • Created U.S. centric marketing collateral that defined the value of Exacaster’s platform for wireless carriers
  • Researched competitive market analysis report outlining opportunities and threats within the market
  • Built brand through PR/marketing to announce North American product launch and partnerships
  • Introduced investors for future financing and/or M&A transactions to expand international presence
  • Developed partnerships with industry associations and sales organizations to expand sales presence and build brand awareness
  • Executed a sales campaign targeting tier 2 wireless carriers by leveraging the 151 network, direct outreach and targeted trade shows

The Results

Within the first 4 months of the engagement, 151 secured
a contract with Carolina West Wireless to give Exacaster a
US-based referenceable client.

Finalized a strategic partnership between Exacaster
and the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) to bolster Exacaster’s brand awareness within the target market: tier 2 wireless carriers.

Secured multiple North American wireless carrier clients to further solidify the North American client base.

“We have partnered with 151 for the past 4 years and without them, we would not have any sales in North America. They helped develop our
go-to-market strategy and closed multiple wireless carrier deals.”
Sarunas Chomentauskas, CEO – Exacaster