151 Advisors is now 
a Momenta Partners 

151 Advisors is now
a Momenta Partners



The Client

Exacaster is a leader in customer behavior prediction analytics for sales and marketing organizations in the telecommunications and retail industries. Exacaster’s cloud-based customer behavior prediction service is based on advanced machine-learning technologies and has been developed for marketers to better understand and fully utilize the vast amount of internally collected data from an easy-to-use cloud platform.

The Exacaster platform is currently predicting the behavior of more than 20 million wireless subscribers across the globe. Carolina West Wireless, Tele2, Ultra Mobile, and Millicom are some of the wireless carriers currently using Exacaster to reduce subscriber churn, up-sell products and manage marketing campaigns.

The Work

After the initial company launch in Europe during early 2011, Exacaster turned to the 151 Advisors team to develop and execute market entry strategies for North America. With no customers or brand visibility within North America, Exacaster partnered with 151 Advisors because of the team’s significant experience bringing new technologies to market and its extensive executive level network within the North American telecommunications industry. This allowed Exacaster to quickly insert itself into the necessary ecosystem to execute North American market entry strategies, gain market presence, brand awareness and build initial traction and momentum.

151 Advisors recognized the need to develop a North American-based wireless carrier reference account prior to more broadly launching and marketing Exacaster in North America. The 151 Advisors team developed a marketing and sales strategy, along with the necessary collateral, to target tier two wireless carriers and within 4 months secured a contract with a tier two US wireless carrier.

151 Advisors also established a partnership between Exacaster and the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) to market Exacaster as a technology partner to the 100+ carrier members in CCA. The partnership was finalized in April 2013 and has since resulted in several more clients among CCA carrier members.

151 Advisors provided a comprehensive set of services for Exacaster’s North American US market entry strategies and execution that included:

  • Developed and executed market entry strategies to target the tier 2 wireless carrier market with direct sales outreach, in-person/online product demos and trade show exhibits
  • Researched competitive market analysis report outlining opportunities and threats within the US market
  • Created localized marketing collateral for sales presentations, trade shows and Exacaster website
  • Built brand through PR/marketing to announce North American product launch and partnerships
  • Developed partnerships with industry associations and sales organizations to expand sales presence, build brand awareness and execute market entry strategies
  • Introduced investors for future financing and/or M&A transactions
The Results

As a strategic partner, 151 Advisors helped Exacaster develop a successful market entry strategy for the North American market, close a key reference account within 4 months of the engagement, negotiate a strategic marketing partnership with the premier association of North American tier two wireless carriers, and secure several more wireless clients to build Exacaster’s North American client base.

Building off this initial foundation, 151 Advisors continues to act as Exacaster’s North American management team providing strategic direction, sales and marketing activities, expanding partnership opportunities and, most importantly, securing wireless carrier clients.

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