Our Expertise

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Our Expertise

Our expertise derives from decades of building ideas into successful businesses, launching new products, applications and services, identifying strategic opportunities, developing solutions for gaps in a business’s operations, and capturing value.

We bring revenue generating expertise to mobile, wireless, IoT, Smart Cities and web-based software and technology companies that are not reaching their technology’s potential.

Our team’s ability to analyze the marketplace, existing players and business models allows us to position clients in the best way possible to build a sustainable growth oriented program to generate new customers and revenue streams.

151’s experience enables us to audit a company’s sales, marketing, and product initiatives to provide valuable feedback and help a company look at their objectives in a new way. We provide clients with a new lens to modify their messaging, expand their marketing collateral and add “pop” to the customer facing information. We have built our global reputation by helping clients execute, not just strategize.   


Senior business leaders know that creating winning business strategies often requires a partner who’s “been there, done that.” Implementing even the most well-crafted business strategy can strain an organization’s resources and disrupt operations. A partner that can help shoulder the load and smooth emerging issues can be critical to success.

We work with companies that range from early and growth-stage companies to large global corporations to execute market expansion plans that are part of the company’s long term strategic direction. Our clients include innovative product, software and services-based technology companies in business and consumer application software and/or hardware, mobile security, cloud-based software, enterprise mobility, emerging technologies and IoT / M2M / Smart Cities.

IoT Strategy & Execution

151 Advisors has decades of experience in building new sources of revenue for M2M IoT companies by developing direct and indirect sales channels that can impact a company’s market standing and competitiveness. Our team has built  deep M2M IoT subject matter expertise to assess product viability, attack the hurdles and exploit the opportunities in a short period of time. Our guidance helps companies transform their business within the M2M IoT marketplace to create operational savings and generate new sources of revenue.

International Market Entry

Over the past eight years, 151 Advisors has helped dozens of international technology companies successfully enter new international markets by acting as part of their senior management team and leading them past the many pitfalls that could hinder their success. Government trade agency partners include Invest Northern Ireland, Enterprise Lithuania, IE Singapore and many more.

Go To Market Strategies

The 151 Advisors team has spent our careers developing effective go-to-market strategies and executing these with teams around the globe. Our experience combined with our professional network of contacts enables us to identify opportunities within the marketplace and develop a strategic blueprint for long-term success.

Channel Development

Our team has decades of worldwide connections and direct executive level contacts within distribution and indirect channels. Having been in the business of building successful launches of products into a wide variety of channels for a combined 70+ years, the 151 Advisors team has the experience and knowledge to help clients in all aspects of channel strategy, channel recruitment and management.

Educational Workshop Programs

151 Advisors provides companies with M2M IoT and Smart Cities Workshop Strategy Sessions to help companies gain a better understanding of the technologies, applications, platforms, products, market trends and opportunities in the emerging markets. The workshops engage a company’s whole team in learning about the current IoT market, identifying products or services that can drive revenue and help with determining the best go-to-market strategies that can be implemented quickly.