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151 Advisors is now
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151 Advisors’ 2-Day Workshop: Go-to-Market Strategy Consulting2018-04-24T14:05:59-04:00

IoT Programs

151 Advisors’ 2-Day Workshop: Go-to-Market Strategy Consulting

With decades of experience in the wireless and IoT industry, the 151 Advisors team continues to deliver comprehensive, execution-focused go-to-market strategy consulting that helps organizations bring their products and services to market through distribution, direct sales, resellers, carriers, and integrators.

Since IoT is growing at an incredibly rapid pace, you don’t have the luxury of waiting until something happens, or working through it on your own. 151’s deep IoT expertise and the relationship with over 1,500 IoT/M2M partners across multiple verticals within the IoT/M2M ecosystem reduces your learning curve and accelerates the elapsed time and chances of commercial success in bringing hardware, software, and service solutions to market.

What is Go-to-Market Strategy Consulting?

In order to help IoT/M2M companies go-to-market with their products/services, 151 Advisors offers a 2-day IoT strategy consulting session. In this workshop we will educate your entire team about the past, present, and future of the IoT industry. We will also help you determine the best go-to-market strategy for your company that can be implemented quickly.

Who Benefits from Go-to-Market Strategy Consulting?

We work with companies that have aggressive product distribution goals and need help:

  • Defining their go-to-market strategy
  • Accelerating product distribution
  • Developing and building a value proposition for platform, services, products, etc.
  • Understanding and evaluating pricing strategy for a channel partner network, carriers, partners, OEM’s, etc.

How Does 151 Advisors Help?

All 2-day go-to-market strategy consulting workshops are customized to your business and may include:

  • Alignment and validation of the objectives, timelines, and achievability of the current plan amongst stakeholders and partners
  • Refining objectives, timelines etc. to everyone’s satisfaction and planning of execution
  • Executing with focus to ensure the greatest value in the shortest timeframe
  • Scheduling and conducting a two-day on-site workshop with key/concerned stakeholders to gain greater clarity and alignment
  • Identifying organizational and functional understanding of company teams, third-party partners, and external organizations that may be engaged for decision making, solution development, prioritization, strategic alignment, and execution processes
  • Developing a strategy and business model for the next three years and the clear positioning/messaging to achieve revenue goals
  • Identifying assumptions and potential barriers to overcome
  • Creating current high-level go-to-market sales, marketing, channel, and OEM partner outreach plans
  • Evaluation and review of the current distribution OEM model
  • Understanding the current go-to-market marketing and outreach plan that would include advertising, advertorials, potential tradeshows, and press outreach including a review of all marketing materials, training documents, and sales information
  • Gaining a greater level of understanding of the market potential, competition, differentiators, etc. which will form the basis of the go-to-market execution focused strategy, and marketing messages for the future

Based on multiple engagements and our ‘bias for action’, our approach lays a firm foundation for a robust, effective, executable, and efficient strategic solution, sales, business development, and marketing plan that we can finalize and execute.

What are the Next Steps?

If your business is a good candidate for go-to-market strategy consulting, reach out to 151 Advisors today. You can contact us online or call us at 917-521-5272.