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151 Advisors is now
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IoT Strategy & Execution2018-04-24T14:27:17-04:00

Our Expertise

IoT Strategy & Execution

Innovative Strategy Development for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) only continues to grow in importance, with an estimated 10 billion new devices coming online in the next few years. This massive growth is expected to result in trillions of dollars in spending in this space on products, solutions and integration services in a very short span of years.

When you need to deliver rapid growth and change within today’s hyper-connected world, you need access to a team who fully understands the potential available with IoT and other interconnected technologies. The consultants at 151 Advisors are disrupters, innovators and doers — who are ready to support your business as you transition to the next generation in value creation.

Vast Potential for the Future

The data from connected devices continues to proliferate, and the focus on understanding disparate data points and how they inter-relate and interact is complex and ever-changing. New business models rise and fall rapidly, meaning organizations need the flexibility to shift in various directions with ease while still feeling supported. It can be challenging to hire for the type of specific strategy development requirements within your organization, and that’s where 151’s IoT Consulting team is able to slot in to meet your extended consulting and business development needs.


These three critical components of IoT are rapidly morphing:

Sensors & Products

Devices that capture and record distinct data points such as GPS location, motion, weight and temperature


End-to-end connections and everything in between: cellular, WIFi, satellite, LoRa, electrical line data to name a few

Platforms & People

Sensors that utilize a management platform or personal analysis to review transmitted data

Near-Limitless Technology Options

Due to aggressive competition within the space, there are an abundance of options to source these key components. Device manufacturers and connectivity providers alike continue to drive prices down while quality and innovative practices are on the rise. Our 151 IoT Strategy team will help you find just the right fit to source your distinct business requirements.

Defining the Value Proposition

Our 151 Advisors are experts at reviewing your product lines to determine if there are line or product extensions where IoT Consulting would add value. We can work with you to develop white-labeled products or services which can then be delivered to your customer base.

Increase Agility and Speed to Market

From determining low-hanging fruit to creating and executing an in-depth go to market strategy that incorporate IoT, our 151 Advisors team brings decades of practical experience to your next project. We excel at evaluating marketing, eCommerce, business development and operations strategies to accelerate speed to market for IoT product and services offerings in a way that enables project scalability and drives business value.

Customer-Centric Focus

We ensure that new development leverages our broad technology and cross-industry experience — as well as our extensive IoT ecosystem — to create a laser focus on customer needs and product fit. Our role as trusted strategic advisors ensures that your business addresses challenges and opportunities in new ways while continuing to smooth out operations and tighten up processes. Data is collected and analyzed to identify profitable new service lines and revenue opportunities.

Contact 151 Advisors today at 917-521-5272 to begin the conversation with our IoT strategy professionals. Prepare to leverage the vast IoT landscape to provide innovative and compelling experiences for your customers.