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Neil PackmanPartner

Neil Packman is a highly experienced sales and marketing professional and leader who has carried out more than 25 successful consultancy projects during this millennium. Focusing primarily on companies in the IT, telecoms, IOT, M to M and smart cities space, Neil helps organizations to create effective go to market strategies and manages the execution of the sales plan. His proven methodology and approach to running a project enables him to quickly understand the key issues and realize opportunities that are available.

The intuition developed after running so many assignments plays a key part in his development and successful execution of a new plan. A creative and adaptable individual who has run internal and external sales teams in both the UK and Europe, he is highly motivated and determined to ensure success.

Whilst his skill sets encompass all areas of sales and marketing leadership, one of Neil’s undoubted areas of strength lies in public speaking, presenting and evangelizing. Whether leading a meeting around a conference room table or addressing an audience of hundreds of professionals he comes across with equal measures of authority, empathy with his audience and understanding of the subject matter.

Since 2001, Neil has carried out a wide range of projects with a mixture of start-up businesses, companies that required re-focusing and even struggling organizations whose fortunes he helped to turn around. Whilst these have been primarily technology based organizations he has at times successfully diversified into other industries including marketing apparel and proved his adaptability when he completed an advisory role with British Lead.

Neil began his sales career at Standard Telephones and Cables selling fax and telex machines (Millennials will probably need to look those up), before joining Mitel Telecom where he carried out a range of direct sales roles before taking up his first management position. He continued his management career in the contact center market, managing both direct and channel based teams in the UK and mainland Europe for multi-national manufacturers. Neil’s final permanent role was with German ICT manufacturer DeTeWe. Here he was instrumental in refocusing the loss-making business away from small system sales to becoming a major reseller of complex contact center and communications solutions. The business became profitable after increasing margins, reducing costs and reorganizing support services and operations teams. He achieved the main board position of Sales and Marketing Director before moving on to follow a more entrepreneurial and advisory career path.