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151 Advisors is now
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Global Growth Strategies2019-01-24T17:16:47-04:00

Our Expertise

Global Growth Strategy

Overcome Obstacles and Enter New Markets

Global leaders will tell you that there are unique challenges and opportunities each time that you decide to conquer a new world market. Our market entry strategy experts have worked with firms around the world to create ventures in a variety of different verticals. More than 75 percent of the new products launched fail to thrive, making it critical to find established partners for your new endeavor. A great deal of that failure rate can be attributed to lack of attention, an area where the 151 Advisors team excels. Whether you’re focused on the U.S., Middle East or European markets, we will proactively work with you to provide guidance for understanding regulatory policies and identify distribution channels that will work for your project, all while helping craft a practical and effective market entry strategy for your undertaking.


Innovative Global Solutions

New market opportunities are the ideal way to drive new growth, diversify your portfolio and preempt the competition, but only if you’re able to successfully service new market segments or launch new products and services. With experience launching dozens of global business ventures, the 151 Advisors team has proven their ability to leverage new markets to become the cornerstone of an organization’s growth strategy while gaining and sustaining a competitive position within your target market.

Market Entry Strategy and Execution

Not only will our team work with your leadership to develop an actionable strategy, we can also come alongside to support you during the execution phase. Our detailed market and industry reports will provide you with the information that you need to make effective decisions on your new venture, while identifying potential market segments and competitor weaknesses. With detailed metrics and strategies in hand, it becomes much simpler to secure funding and create a tactical channel-focused program to begin driving sales and recognizing revenue. We will work with you to proactive develop a strategic business plan that takes cultural, governmental, economic and market conditions into consideration — tactics that are proven to improve execution of your overall corporate objectives. Even products that start strong can have difficulties maintaining that trajectory as less than 3 percent of consumer goods exceed market expectations for a successful launch in the first year.

Sales Focused Marketing Plan

Going into a new global market requires a high level of nuance from everything from pricing strategies to grammar and sales language. Our team works to localize marketing plans in a way that will maximize sales and optimize effectiveness for partners and distribution channels. This service includes everything from updating websites with content that will appeal to the target demographic to crafting new messages for sales materials and refreshing data sheets and user guides. Simply translating materials into a host country’s language is not enough — cultural context is required to ensure that the message is not lost in translation.

Strategic Product Development

Effective product development requires a mix of information regarding the target country or locale, competitors, pricing strategies and even production requirements. Creating a product that will be differentiated in the market means determining whether competitors have too much of a stronghold to support new entrants into the market, or if there’s a new standard that can be established for excellence by your product or service. Product development is not a static goal; instead, it’s an ongoing effort that includes creating a roadmap that defines ongoing product quality and market supremacy.

Experienced Network of Professionals

Perhaps the most undervalued benefit that 151 Advisors bring to your market entry project is the vast network of global suppliers, distributors and potential partners that will be the linchpin in executing your new product launch. With access to these senior interim executives, you’re able to significantly accelerate time-to-market while providing a path for continuing sales growth and new business development. You are also gaining the assistance of a support team of attorneys, strategic accountants, public relations professionals and more who will aid you during critical turning points in your venture. Attempting to launch a new organization by yourself is time-consuming and risky — and worse yet, slows your time to market.

When you’re ready to drive new global sales opportunities through a new product launch or opportunity, contact 151 Advisors at 917-521-5272 or use our easy online contact form to receive a quick response. We understand international business, and will provide you with the resources that you need to succeed.