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Project Description

Artificial Intelligence: Science Project or Gamechanger?

The tech and business media are filled with stories about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Processing and the like. As with many other aspects of the digital revolution, the confusion and the ‘fableware and market-texture factors create as many questions as they answer. Gartner’s Hype Curve puts this AI topic right at the front end of the ‘irrational exuberance’ phase. And yet — some leading companies are quietly realizing game-changing cost reductions and performance benefits from pragmatic innovation using AI solutions. Which applies to your situation? The ‘science project’ AI experiment? Or the first mover advantage of commercial-grade AI impact? Arago has a perspective — and some answers to the practical questions for business people looking to win with technology — not just study it.

Arago is a private equity backed technology firm. Founded in 1995, they have been a pioneer in AI engineering, with a platform focused on B2B machine reasoning and data analysis. They have created a general-purpose artificial intelligence solution set branded HIRO. The platform was created to solve issues from multi-data center global network downtime issues to cybersecurity DOS attacks. Jeff wants to address the thought of AI as either Real vs a Science Project. He believes HIRO is a game changer for fixing and addressing problems and creating opportunities.

There are many benefits of autonomously running things. The view is that significant business operations can be enabled with AI engines to run an operation autonomously. An important example would be a refinery of the future for oil that would be made completely autonomous, decreasing disasters. Get rid of operator error.

Industry leaders have very important thoughts when it comes to tech and IoT. Many of which keep leaders from jumping head first into incorporating IoT and automation into their business. Dependence on a technology can be scary when there are other factors such as outages that can come into play. Cost of complexity and integration is huge when introducing any new process into a business. Speed to deploy is another important factor to be aware of when introducing a new process. And a generational shift is worrisome because there are fewer and fewer people who understand how to work an older process as the younger crowd is being taught more up-to-date things with newer technology. These issues can be solved if IoT and Artificial Intelligence is embraced in the industry.

To take an approach using AI in your business may be the next best step. Arago has been able to take companies who were at a 20% automation up to 80%. This is all relevant because there are limits to scripting which is where the AI comes in and can help your business. HIRO uses association chaining in which the tool draws the graph at runtime, not beforehand. When using HIRO you use a relatively modest set of knowledge items individually so when it does all of the permutations and combinations, it very easily covers a broad set of exception conditions. Currently, Arago has a system running in a large bank in Europe with 362 knowledge items which have been able to take 70% of their people out. Getting something up and running fast, and scaling fast is very important.

Chris Boos, who designed and owns the patents for HIRO, mimicked the cognitive thought processes of the human brain to create a system that deals with problems a lot like we would. When we are faced with problems in the world, we are not given a script, and just like we would, HIRO uses past experience and knowledge to solve the problem. Artificial Intelligence has an important place in the industry and Arago is here to make sure AI is a functioning piece of your business that will increase productivity and provide solutions to many difficult problems.

Jeff Smith, CEO at Aargo