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APP-SOLUTELY IoT Keynote Address2017-09-15T17:40:32-04:00

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The Internet of Things is evolving rapidly with interoperability and industry cooperation being crucial to its business success. At APP-SOLUTELY IoT 2016 presented by 151 Advisors, during a break-out session at CTIA industry experts and companies had the chance to discuss the evolving industry, the impact that it’s having on the world and the changes to come.

Steve Brumer, a partner at 151 Advisors, introduced the event and James Brehm, founder and technology evangelist at James Brehm & Associates, was the 2016 keynote speaker. This event offered an excellent opportunity for CIOs, IT leaders, application developers, solution providers, device makers, end users, mobile operators, and corporate decision makers to network and discover how they can take advantage of IoT in their organizations and for their customers.

IoT is changing quickly, providing opportunities and partnerships to grow. Steve Brumer recalls working with Marty Cooper, inventor of the first cellular phone, and when the first Sierra Wireless modem in a Coke machine. Although things are growing and changing, the same situation of trying to put different parts together and find areas to generate interest is still there. As IoT changes, gaps appear where companies must work to overcome obstacles, like answering questions about security and who owns the data used in IoT. There can be a lack of education among customers and the industry, even among carriers. IoT is more than one product or a marketing spiel; that doesn’t equate to the hard work behind IoT. It is challenging to understand how to put all the parts together and come out with a whole program. But when companies and clients can overcome these obstacles, they can find success similar to what James Brehm has accomplished as a technology evangelist.

James Brehm said keeping tabs, keeping up, and keeping a finger on the pulse is key in IoT. Companies need to always know what is going on and what is changing. Brehm said they don’t just believe what they hear — they investigate.

Enterprises should keep in mind their strengths, what customers want, and what they need to do. Starting with a tight vertical focus and gradually spreading out into a horizontal focus will help enterprises get their footing. Each decision is part of the thought process enterprises are going through, where they have a tight project management and systems integration work along the way. But at the end of the day, enterprises have to tie to whoever’s cloud services and have to utilize containerization. Their focus should be on the information, the data, and the overlap between things the company can control and things that matter. Enterprises must try to answer questions and form potential partnerships. It is not about controlling the ecosystem, it is about having the ability to work with the many outside. 

Keynote Address
James Brehm, Founder and Technology Evangelist at James Brehm & Associates, shares how his company provides strategy acceleration for Carriers, Hardware Providers, Software Providers, System Integrators and much more.

Steve Brumer, Partner at 151 Advisors
James Brehm, Founder and Technology Evangelist at James Brehm & Associates



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