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APP-SOLUTELY IoT: Safran & IMETRIK Case Study Presentation2017-11-07T18:59:04-04:00

Project Description

Safran & IMETRIK  Case Study Presentation

IMETRIK is a turnkey Telematics Services Provider and a one-stop shop M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Solutions Provider, located in Montreal, Canada, with offices across America and Europe. They are an IoT/M2M Solutions Provider that include devices, connectivity, and APIs. Specializing in the automotive industry, they allow vehicles to communicate with computer systems seamlessly. In this session, Guy Chevrette, Cofounder and CEO of IMETRIK, presents its IoT case study with Safran. Safran is an international high-technology group and tier-1 supplier of systems and equipment in its core markets of Aerospace, Defense, and Security.

In works with Safran, IMETRIK has shipped over 1 million devices with a multi-profile embedded SIM, lowering cost and providing activation at the manufacturing level. So when the chip is placed on the board, it is activated at the same time. Guy talk about how they are not in IoT for consumers, but are focused on IoT for businesses. In terms of value, two-thirds of the value is driven by industrial IoT or IoT for businesses.

Integration of the IoT devices is very important in monetization of its applications. In terms of sensors, the information from a sensor needs to be recorded, packaged, and transmitted over a network to an end where that data can be taken advantage of. You can make money in any of these stages, but where the most money can be made is by converting that information to a value added solution for the end user. This is a very large “gold mine” for which, if IoT was a country, at 17 Trillion it would be the 3rd largest economy in the World, behind the United States and China.

In IoT for IMETRIK, there are some major challenges that Guy references. The first is overcoming the continuously complex protocols by learning how to manage them and changing your approach around them. The second challenge is managing connectivity on a global scale. The third challenge is developing and delivering the full and complete solution, and doing it with the right ROI. The fourth challenge is doing all of this with security and privacy.

With 30 billion connections, security becomes a big issue very quickly. A difficulty in all of this is that regulations differ by country. This can create more difficulties when it comes to protocols and standards across the board. It is important for the market to have a solution that it can trust, and with IMETRIK working with the existing technology, the eSIM can provide a trustworthy and reliable answer to the problem.

For IMETRIK, there is a balance between the embedded technology, the data, and the solution. When taking on a large scale solution to IoT, there needs to be a justification for the implementation. IoT is not new, but it continues to redefine business models for both value chain players and end users. Transformation and adaptation are very important because the market is not a one size fits all. This is where IMETRIK is really setting itself apart, by providing individualized solutions.

Guy finishes with a statement on how important the monetization of this marketplace is, due to its abundant potential; as well as making sure not to rush it so as to still provide security and quality to consumers.


Guy Chevrette – Cofounder and CEO of IMETRIK

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