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T-Mobile Internet of Things Presentation

Shelby Noakes, the director of M2M and IoT Sales at T-Mobile, came to speak about how T-Mobile has made a huge investment in the IoT space so they may become a key player. Shelby starts by speaking about T-Mobile and how they are known as the “uncarrier”, releasing people from the classic contract model like many of their competitors. He speaks on how they are destroying the marketplace with over one million subscribers gained thirteen quarters in a row. He speaks about the total 64.7 subscribers they had to date and how after that success, they are now doubling down on IoT and M2M strategies and solutions. 

 Shelby then goes on to talk about how T-Mobile fits in IoT space. There are applications and hardware and software, but in the IoT space, T-Mobile is the network that connects the things that are out there to other things, servers, and clouds. The network has a 99.7 coverage rate which is competing with and dominating the market, especially over coverage like Sprint. T-Mobile had a small hiccup when deciding what to do with their 2G and 3G services, but are keeping them available until 2020. This move was made because there are plenty of still existing IoT type devices out there that rely on 3G and 2G backup connectivity. There are many incentives given to continue using their service for said devices which involve little to no cost. 

The latest device innovation for IoT that T-Mobile is involved in is their LTE CAT 1 network that is fully deployed in their partnership with Telit and Sequans. The focus for T-Mobile in this growth and past growth has been on band 12 which gives the in-building penetration that you don’t get on the lower bands and higher megahertz. A CAT M1 and CAT M2 network are being planned to launch late 2017 for the IoT device market, but for now, T-Mobile is relying on the CAT 1 network for that. The great thing about CAT 1 as well is its speeds which you could not get on CAT M1 or M2. 

T-Mobile is not only now a price leader, but a coverage leader. So you are not only getting a cheaper option but a more reliable one as well. These positions in the marketplace are only getting better as projections are showing a continued increase into the future which is not slowing down. T-Mobile is implementing an IoT strategy which will allow for many partnerships and support of their MVNOs and ASPs to launch innovative solutions for space. There is more opportunity to grow since they haven’t been as competitive up until this point, but at the rate, they are moving there is no stopping them or holding them back in the space. A deal was made with Twilio a few months back at the time which changes how T-Mobile can go to market. So T-Mobile is using its status to push products to market and work with their partners through the expansion process in their new networks and the IoT space. 


Shelby Noakes — Director of M2M and IoT Sales at T-Mobile

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