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ITEXPO Miami 2014 Interview with 151 Advisors

Steve Brumer, mobile and wireless industry expert and Partner at 151 Advisors spoke with TMCnet at ITEXPO Miami 2014. The focus of the conversation was about big game changers in the tech world and how they are affecting how our world is changing. Steve starts by talking about 151 Advisors and how they deal with a lot of international companies, from Lithuania to Singapore. Depending on the location, everyone seems to look at products differently. They can have certain high-value applications in many areas and it is important to capitalize on them. Monetization of those products is important and that’s 151 Advisors’ focus. The goal is to find and develop a product that can help drive revenue back to the business.

IoT wearables and mHealth are just a few examples of the endless stream of new places for us to look at products and services that consumers and enterprises need. These products have done so well in the marketplace because they are so easily marketable and it is something everyone wants. As an example, Fitbit shot up from the start introducing its line of electronic wearables, even when they did next to nothing besides tell you what time it was and count your steps. It is a worldwide scenario because whether you are monitoring a well or a coke machine, you are able to monitor it from anywhere around the world, which functionally allows you to grow your market share. And if given the option to monitor something the general response seems to be, “If you can do it, then why not?”. People yearn for these devices and for a look into the future which is why this is such a huge step in moving forward.

Not only are these products changing the game but they are changing the players. Not only is a huge tech company like Google involved, but a company like Epson, who is known most for its printers, has its own smartwatch and smart devices. So it really is bringing more people into this market because more and more opportunities are opening up. When things like this take off many people try to come into the game and that is when the company with the best device and the best branding can really take over. While the type of devices may be seeming to be repetitive, the applications are moving forward and providing us with some pretty cool things.

Some of these cool applications involve ideas like smart homes, in the case of how our homes are becoming an IoT hub, and smart cars, like smart driving technology for safety and practicality. We are seeing a boost in bringing more things to market which are supposed to make our lives easier and enhance the way businesses are going to collaborate and communicate. So the big goal here for 151 Advisors and the companies who are trying to sell these products is to look at your consumers and branding and even more important does it work and what are the options for the future.

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