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YBLTV Interview: Companies Should Monetize Very Well with 151 Advisors

Steve Brumer, an industry expert, and partner at 151 Advisors speaks with YBLTV at CES 2015. Steve discusses why he got into the technology industry and how 151 Advisors came to fruition as a company specializing in IoT Strategy and Execution. He also talks about the type of companies that 151 Advisors works with across the globe and how they help monetize their IoT offerings.

Steve’s father told him he had to be a part of the technology industry from a young age, coming from a family that had worked in technology. Steve has worked in electronics, computers, communications, and wireless mobility. He has been working in wireless mobility technology for 27 years.

151 Advisors works with U.S. based and international clients, including ones from Singapore, Lithuania, and Greece, and start-ups all the way up to large companies. Some of these clients need funding to get to the next level and 151 Advisors is looking for companies that will invest in themselves and will invest in 151 Advisors. 151 Advisors becomes a big part of their client’s organization. Their fees include creation all the way to marketing.

151 Advisors participate in CES to support clients, but also to look for disruptive technologies. They are looking for unique companies with something different and sellable to offer.

151 Advisors specializes in finding the monetization of these technologies and companies. It is easy for technology developers to build, but how do they sell it? As company 151 Advisors are interested in all verticals of the Internet of Things industry from enterprise to consumer markets. For example, Home Automation, new construction, homes come already connected and suited for IoT technologies, but 98% of the market for homes already exist. 151 Advisors helps figure out how to communicate diverse products from different manufacturers, looking at ideas on how to connect them seamlessly. They want to make it easy for the homeowner to do themselves and don’t need a system integrator to come do it for them.

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