APP-SOLUTELY IoT – IoT Case Study: Development to Deployment


IoT Case Study-Development to Deployment IoT Development to Deployment Panel During this session, IoT Safety Solutions, Twilio and T-Mobile discuss the overall business needs and challenges that have to be addressed to bring a PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) device to market. Additionally, each company will highlight how their offerings can support solution providers in [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT – Ready Mobile: Using IoT to Stop Distracted Driving


Using IoT to Stop Distracted Driving Ready Mobile and Katasi Panel This Ready Mobile session explores how IoT solutions can effectively address an increasing problem in society today: distracted driving. The pervasive use of a mobile phone while driving has become the leading cause of vehicular accidents today, spawning awareness campaigns and tech solutions with [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT- International IoT Opportunities


International IoT Opportunities - Beyond North America! International IoT Opportunities Panel As North America-based companies look for opportunities to expand, this panel explores the IoT opportunities in Asia, Latin America and Africa — and how wireless carriers can act as expansion enablers for technology companies. The panel consists of international wireless carriers to highlight the [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT- IoT Platform Insights


Beecham Research Latest IoT Platform Insights Robin Duke-Woolley, the CEO of Beecham Research, presents at APP-SOLUTELY IoT 2017 on IoT Platform Insights. Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of Beecham Research, gives some insight on the evolution of the IoT platform market. Currently, there are 450 IoT platforms, which has been increasing exponentially since about 2005. According to Robin, [...]



How AI is Impacting and Enabling IoT Opportunities AI and IoT Panel This panel is centered on how Artificial Intelligence is impacting and enabling IoT opportunities across multiple industries, which applications are the most useful to be deployed in 2018, and which applications are more hype than reality. Patrice Slupowski, VP of Digital Innovation at [...]

APP-SOLUETLY IoT 2017 – Keynote Address


Artificial Intelligence: Science Project or Gamechanger? The tech and business media are filled with stories about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Processing and the like. As with many other aspects of the digital revolution, the confusion and the ‘fableware and market-texture’ factors create as many questions as they answer. Gartner’s Hype Curve puts [...]