APP-SOLUTELY IoT: T-Mobile Internet of Things Presentation


T-Mobile Internet of Things Presentation Shelby Noakes, the director of M2M and IoT Sales at T-Mobile, came to speak about how T-Mobile has made a huge investment in the IoT space so they may become a key player. Shelby starts by speaking about T-Mobile and how they are known as the “uncarrier”, releasing people from the classic contract model like many of their competitors. He [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT Keynote Address


The Internet of Things is evolving rapidly with interoperability and industry cooperation being crucial to its business success. At APP-SOLUTELY IoT 2016 presented by 151 Advisors, during a break-out session at CTIA industry experts and companies had the chance to discuss the evolving industry, the impact that it's having on the world and the changes [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: Safran & IMETRIK Case Study Presentation


Safran & IMETRIK  Case Study Presentation IMETRIK is a turnkey Telematics Services Provider and a one-stop shop M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Solutions Provider, located in Montreal, Canada, with offices across America and Europe. They are an IoT/M2M Solutions Provider that include devices, connectivity, and APIs. Specializing in the automotive industry, they allow vehicles to communicate with computer [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: u-blox – Locate, Communicate, Accelerate Presentation


u-blox America - Locate, Communicate, Accelerate Presentation U-blox is a 20-year-old Swiss company that focuses on 3 pillars of technology; GPS, Cellular Communications, and Short Range Radio Technologies. Andreas Thiel, Co-founder and EVP of u-blox, speaks on the presence of u-blox in the marketplace and how they are dominating, due to many factors such as high [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: Hardware and Devices Panel


APP-SOLUTELY IoT Panel Highlights The Capabilities Of IoT Devices IoT Hardware and Devices Panel This APP-SOLUTELY IoT session focuses on Internet-enabled hardware, chips, modules, edge devices and other IoT products, highlighting the many capabilities of IoT devices in the market today. Brad Sherrard of u-blox said the number of devices needed and the size of the [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: Connectivity and Platforms Panel


Connectivity and Platforms Panel This session explores the many options that one has to cost-effectively deploy and manage their devices in the field, and the innovative connectivity technologies that will be coming to market in the next couple of years. Five representatives from wireless/ IoT technology companies discussed how their businesses are using connectivity and [...]