How AI is Impacting and Enabling IoT Opportunities AI and IoT Panel This panel is centered on how Artificial Intelligence is impacting and enabling IoT opportunities across multiple industries, which applications are the most useful to be deployed in 2018, and which applications are more hype than reality. Patrice Slupowski, VP of Digital Innovation at [...]

APP-SOLUETLY IoT 2017 – Keynote Address


Artificial Intelligence: Science Project or Gamechanger? The tech and business media are filled with stories about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Processing and the like. As with many other aspects of the digital revolution, the confusion and the ‘fableware and market-texture’ factors create as many questions as they answer. Gartner’s Hype Curve puts [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT Keynote Address


The Internet of Things is evolving rapidly with interoperability and industry cooperation being crucial to its business success. At APP-SOLUTELY IoT 2016 presented by 151 Advisors, during a break-out session at CTIA industry experts and companies had the chance to discuss the evolving industry, the impact that it's having on the world and the changes [...]