APP-SOLUTELY IoT – IoT Case Study: Development to Deployment


IoT Case Study-Development to Deployment IoT Development to Deployment Panel During this session, IoT Safety Solutions, Twilio and T-Mobile discuss the overall business needs and challenges that have to be addressed to bring a PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) device to market. Additionally, each company will highlight how their offerings can support solution providers in [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: T-Mobile Internet of Things Presentation


T-Mobile Internet of Things Presentation Shelby Noakes, the director of M2M and IoT Sales at T-Mobile, came to speak about how T-Mobile has made a huge investment in the IoT space so they may become a key player. Shelby starts by speaking about T-Mobile and how they are known as the “uncarrier”, releasing people from the classic contract model like many of their competitors. He [...]

APP-SOLUTELY IoT: Connectivity and Platforms Panel


Connectivity and Platforms Panel This session explores the many options that one has to cost-effectively deploy and manage their devices in the field, and the innovative connectivity technologies that will be coming to market in the next couple of years. Five representatives from wireless/ IoT technology companies discussed how their businesses are using connectivity and [...]