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151 Advisors is now
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Industrial Internet of Things Programs

Today, the industrial Internet of Things (industrial IoT) is becoming more common and more complex. Consumers are able to track their heartbeat and steps with wearables and smart watches while transportation companies are able to analyze real-time data on fuel consumption of their fleets across multiple territories. Every consumer and company want to track everything from their cars and trucks to their kids and pets.

With decades of experience, 151 Advisors helps companies gain a better understanding of the technologies, applications, hardware, services and revenue-generating opportunities in the emerging industrial IoT market with the 151 Advisors Two Day IoT Strategy Session. The two-day hands-on interactive workshop engages a company’s entire team in learning about the history of the industry and the current explosive IoT market, identifying industry leading products or services that can drive revenue, and helping the company to determine the best go-to-market strategies that can be implemented quickly.

Over the course of two days, companies learn how to harness the opportunities industrial IoT has to offer, overcome the sales and marketing barriers and be prepared for what the future holds within the consumer and industrial IoT markets.

If your company wants to better understand how to develop an IoT go-to-market strategy and design offerings that will drive new sources of revenue from new business opportunities and technologies, this 2-day go-to-market strategy consulting workshop is designed with you in mind.

What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

Over the past 5 years, IoT and its forerunner M2M (Machine to Machine) Communications, have been used to mean everything that transmits data over the internet whether wireless or not. The workshop will kick-off with a primer on the IoT/M2M industry and act as the foundation for the workshop.

IoT Use Cases: What Can IoT Do for Your Customers?

The 151 experts will provide real world white papers and winning use cases that show how industry leading vendors, integrators, solution providers, wireless carriers and other companies are already generating new sources of revenue from IoT/M2M.

Building Blocks: The Technologies Involved

The team will dive deep into the technology behind IoT and related emerging technology trends to better understand the backbone of IoT. This will include the wireless communications options, connectivity models, modules, network management and security programs.

Identify IoT Opportunities Within Your Market

An interactive part of the workshop focuses on identifying the IoT services, products and solutions that your company can have success in offering to its consumer, industrial and territorial markets. 151 provides market research that is built before arriving on-site and is based on the information gathered about the company and its objectives.

Define an Executable IoT Go-To-Market Strategy

Based on the findings and discussions during the workshop, 151 will work with your company to help design a go-to-market plan that incorporates the sales, marketing, technical and operations teams. The go-to-market strategy laid out by the team will be based on our experience, the company’s capabilities and which IoT offerings will be successful within the company’s market.

Contact Steve Brumer, Partner and IoT Practice Lead, at sbrumer@151advisors.com or (404) 641-7612  to discuss how a 151 Advisors Two Day IoT Strategy Session can benefit your company.