151 Advisors is now 
a Momenta Partners 

151 Advisors is now
a Momenta Partners



The Client

Quickoffice was the worldwide leader in mobile office applications for mobile professionals, business, education and individuals. Installed on over 450 million devices in more than 180 countries, Quickoffice represented the highest quality mobile office software available and revolutionized the way people use their mobile devices.

Quickoffice’s flagship, award-winning software allowed mobile professionals to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on their mobile device. Through the software’s seamless integration with the cloud and the most relevant cloud services available in the market, it enabled simple, anytime, anywhere access to important content. Available direct-to-consumer in leading App Stores or via handset OEMs, Quickoffice provided leading solutions for Android, iPhone, iPad, HP webOS and Symbian platforms.

The Work

As the global leader in mobile office productivity solutions, Quickoffice turned to 151 Advisors for their experience building successful mobile technology companies and expertise in taking products and services to market. The initial engagement was for 151 Advisors to take Quickoffice’s vision for a mobile cloud-based productivity platform and develop a go-to-market strategy to turn it into a realistic, sustainable business model.

151 Advisors ran product management for this new platform, positioning the company for high visibility and an eventual acquisition. Ultimately, this resulted in the launch of the company’s connected productivity service Connect by Quickoffice, but also included a comprehensive set of strategy and product management services during the three year engagement.

  • Created strategic roadmap for platform and product management
  • Developed corporate and product branding, positioning and market differentiation
  • Generated a corporate strategy with a build vs. buy analysis of corporate and product opportunities
  • Performed sales and channel partner analysis
  • Developed marketing plans, brand building collateral and promotional documentation
  • Served as strategic advisory to C-level executives
  • Introduced investors for future financing and M&A transactions

In addition to running product management for this new platform 151 took on the responsibility for all product management activities and acted as the Chief Strategy Officer and corporate advisor to the CEO.

The Results

The 151 Advisors team helped Quickoffice transition from purely a mobile software provider to a cloud services company that launched Connect by Quickoffice in 2012, and became the most sought after mobile software and mobile software company in the world. Connect by Quickoffice was a cloud-based service that allowed consumers and businesses to create, access and edit documents from anywhere with any device. This included document creation, editing, real-time sync and collaboration features on from devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops.

As part of it’s product management and brand visibility work, 151 Advisors helped Quickoffice evaluate and court potential buyers for the company, which ultimately led to the company’s acquisition by Google in June 2012.

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