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151 Advisors is now
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Introduction to IoT in Smart Cities2018-12-12T16:22:55-04:00

Introduction to
IoT in Smart Cities

Quick Overview


The idea of smart cities was first developed by technology giant IBM, which created a worldwide initiative called Smarter Cities aimed at helping cities and companies leverage data to improve operational performance in many sectors.1  Now, worldwide, there are already over two dozen smart cities, with that number expected to rise to 88 by 2025.2 But what exactly is a smart city, how does it function and what impact does it have on residents living and working within its borders?

The ultimate goal of a smart city initiative is to attract businesses and citizens to ensure a vibrant city economy.3  Smart cities utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) to achieve sustainable economic development and quality-of-life improvements. IoT refers to devices connected to the internet to transmit data and according to industry experts, by 2020, 10 billion+ new devices and connections will be added to the internet. This will increase the amount of IoT devices and connections to over 26.3 billion.4

At 151 Advisors we understand the incredible advances on the horizon thanks to IoT, the preparation for Smart Cities and the potential yet to come. We are here to help organizations, municipalities, government institutions and more benefit from all IoT has to offer, especially as it relates to the generation of actionable insights that contribute to energy and cut costs; it’s realistic for some organizations to save $1 million annually by integrating smart building technology while optimizing these factor.

What You Get From this White Paper

With years of experience in the IoT industry, 151 Advisors is a reliable source of information on the subject. In this white paper, you’ll find…

  • Facts supporting the benefits of correctly implementing IoT devices/sensors and IoT connectivity into our cities infrastructure, buildings, and processes.
  • Descriptive use cases and examples of places where IoT is boosting productivity and ultimately increasing ROI.
Download this White Paper to Learn More about:
  • IoT in Smart Cities today and the fundamental components
  • Why Build a Smart City?
  • Connectivity, Sensors & Hardware
  • People and Performance
  • IoT use cases in Smart Cities
  • The benefits of implementing IoT in Smart Buildings 
  • Why Invest in Smart Cities?
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