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151 Advisors is now
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SmrtGuard Develops Go-to-Market Strategy to Grow User Base

The Client

SmrtGuard was a cloud service application for managing a broad range of security and privacy threats on smartphones and tablets. Protection encompassed malware scanning, SIM security, remote device locate and wipe, personal safety features including family member locator, remote camera control and emergency alerts. The service also included mobile backup of PIM content with full restore to the same or a different device.

SmrtGuard, now known as Snap Secure, was one of the first and most comprehensive mobile security suites on the market with antivirus, anti-malware and a wide range of personal safety feature to both protect smartphones against attack and loss of personal data as well as enhance the physical safety of their owners. Early features included a 911 button for BlackBerry devices, remote device tracking via GPS and remote device management.

The Work

SmrtGuard turned to 151 Advisors to help transform the company from a small BlackBerry mobile application developer to a successful mobile startup with a clear growth plan, go-to-market strategy and exit plan. With just a few thousand BlackBerry users, SmrtGuard needed help developing a go-to-market strategy to grow its user base, executing a global business development plan to create new sales and marketing channels, establishing a clear product roadmap for expansion of features and new operating systems, and creating a plan to achieve its growth and exit strategy goal of acquisition.

151 Advisors immediately recognized SmrtGuard’s potential and put forth an aggressive channel go to market strategy with an initial emphasis on developing BlackBerry and iPhone security apps. In a short amount of time, SmrtGuard was able to establish itself as one of the early innovators of mobile security and built a solid presence in this newly emergent space. 151 Advisors supported the SmrtGuard team with a multitude of services that provided SmrtGuard with strategic direction and tactical execution.

  • Researched competitive product and service on the market
  • Developed business model, growth plan and user acquisition strategy
  • Designed and executed product promotion and go-to-market strategy
  • Conducted pricing and financial analysis
  • Supported strategic roadmapping for product and platform
  • Created corporate and product branding, positioning and marketing collateral
  • Generated channel go-to-market strategy and execution with OEMs, Wireless Carriers, and ISVs
  • Advised on the procurement of a public relations and analyst relations firm
  • Served as strategic advisory to C-level executives
  • Introduced investors for financing and M&A transactions
The Results

Working with 151 Advisors produced very successful results for SmrtGuard through the execution of 151 Advisors go-to-market strategy. During the engagement, 151 Advisors helped SmrtGuard launch iPhone and Android applications and grew its user base from just a few thousand to nearly one million users. 151 Advisors also set up partnership meetings and managed relationships with numerous prospects which resulted in strategic sales channels and marketing partnerships with wireless carriers and distributors in North American, European, Asian and Latin American markets.

In 2011, under 151 Advisors guidance and direction, SmrtGuard was able to realize a successful exit via acquisition in October 2011 when the company was acquired by Exclaim Mobility (now Snap My Life, Inc.), a leader in the mobile application and service space.

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