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151 Advisors is now
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U.S. Market Entry Strategy2018-12-18T14:56:28-04:00

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your US Market Entry Strategy!

Over the past nine years, 151 Advisors has successfully helped dozens of technology companies with their US Market Entry Strategy and launch. We created this white paper to help every company bypass the top 7 mistakes commonly made.

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Quick Overview

US Market Entry Strategy

Companies are many times convinced that very difficult initiatives will be easy. They believe that their product or service will be the next big thing in the U.S. and it will be simple to set up shop, support sales, market to their target market, gain customers and build a business in the U.S.

They all quickly learn that entering the U.S. market isn’t that easy. In fact, it’s rare for international technology companies to enter the U.S. market as quickly, cost-effectively and profitably as they assumed it would be. That’s why so many now turn to 151 Advisors to ensure that their US Market Entry Strategy and launch is a success.

What You Get From this White Paper

The 151 Advisors team has 150+ years of combined experience building profitable companies in technology sectors such as IoT, mobility and cloud-based technology. In the process, we’ve identified;

  • The top 7 mistakes that frequently derail a technology company’s expansion into the U.S. market
  • The solutions needed to avoid making these mistakes

Download this White Paper to Learn More about the Top 7 Mistakes

  • Limited or No Funding for Marketing and Sales
  • The Wrong Sales Leadership
  • Difficulty Navigating the Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Strategies and Collateral That Ignore Cultural Differences
  • Failure to Launch Product Quickly
  • The Wrong Location
  • Unrealistic Financial Expectations and Assumptions

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have partnered with 151 for the past 4 years and without them, we would not have any sales in North America. They helped develop our go-to-market strategy and closed multiple wireless carrier deals.”  

— Exacaster